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Carol’s Excursions is an award-winning travel agency in Montgomery, AL. We take care of ALL your travel needs including planning your cruise or other vacation, your travel insurance and transfers. We specialize in group and family reunion travel, but can also accommodate from 1 to 1,000 people for your customized vacation needs.

Carol’s Excursions is a renowned travel agency located in Montgomery, AL. Our services cover all aspects of your vacation planning needs, from booking a cruise or any other type of holiday to securing your travel insurance and transfers. We are equipped to handle groups of any size – from a single traveler to 1,000 people – offering tailor-made packages to suit your needs. Our team of experienced professionals has planned thousands of trips, and we are proud to be recognized as an award winning travel agency. We offer a personal touch when it comes to helping you plan your vacation so that each trip is unique and tailored to fit your individual desires. Our mission is to make your dream vacation a reality.If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, trust Carol’s Excursions to make it happen! Contact us today and start planning your next adventure! We look forward to providing you with the best service possible and ensuring that your time away is everything you have been dreaming of. Let us help you create lifelong memories!

Carol’s Excursions is a travel agency in Montgomery, AL. Discover more travel agencies, travel deals, and travel tours on


9109 Castle Pines Circle, Montgomery AL 36117

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