Having a long-haul flight in a stuffy aircraft feels unbearable for many travelers and not so many people can afford first-class just to feel a little comfort. This might be one of the worst nightmares a passenger could have but with a bit of preparation, this 8+ hours flight can be a feel-at-home experience. These are some survival tips to come out feeling refreshed and unstressed after a long-haul flight.

Wear Comfortable Clothes Over Fashionable

Find and prepare comfortable clothes when taking a flight like jackets, sweaters, loose layered and etc. that can protect you from being blasted by the aircon system. Put on hold and set aside the jewelry or accessories and fancy fashionable clothes, this is a long flight, not a fashion show. Some socks and slippers will do or close-toed shoes, it would be better footwear to wear for some comfort. It’s up to you which to outfit to wear, to survive the long-haul flight, just think of an outfit that you’re happy to wear and make you feel comfortable for 8+ hours.

Bring Some Snacks

Foods are available on the plane and you’ll get fed while on a long-haul flight but don’t expect too much. Let’s be honest, the foods on the plane are definitely not the best unless you book a super expensive first or business class seat. 

Pack Light

Instead of stuffing great big suitcases unsuccessfully while the other passengers are looking at you, why not take a cabin bag and a shoulder bag or handbag where you can easily store some essential items like earplugs, snacks, and water bottle without taking any stress. 

Reserve Yourself a Good Seat

To get a comfortable long-haul flight, make sure to reserve yourself a good seat.   

  • Get an aisle seat if you want to have quick access to the loos or to move. 
  • Choose a seat in exit rows if you want more legroom. 
  • Get a window seat if you want to feel alone or enjoy the scenery outside. 
  • Stay away from the front seats to avoid crying children as they have a special provision. 

Get Ready For Sleep

Long-haul flights often take a whole day or night, sitting inside the plane with that amount of time would be perfect for you to have some good sleep. Bring a travel pillow for comfortable sleep and to lessen neck pain, earplugs, and sleep masks to forget about the other 349 passengers. Also bring a light blanket, toothbrush, and toothpaste for some basic toiletries so you’ll feel a bit fresher as you land a seat to sleep. 

Make Friends

Be friendly, don’t just sit there and sleep all the time, watch a movie or wait for the food trolly to come by. One of the most fun ways to survive long-haul flights is to make friends. You can talk with your seatmate or a passenger, everyone has reasons why they travel, why not ask and talk to them to start a conversation? 

Drink Water, Stay Hydrated

Avoid taking too much tea, coffee, or alcohol, instead, take and drink plenty of water slowly and regularly because there’s a high chance of you getting dehydrated since it is a dry place. Due to liquid restrictions, you can bring yourself some empty bottles so you can store any water when the trolley trip is on and ask the cabin crew for some. Stay hydrated, take good care of your skin and eyes, bring some moisturizer to avoid dry skin and eye drops to avoid dry eyes.

 Just Relax!

Instead of stressing yourself about the long flight and be impatient, why not see those hours as a bonus time for you to read some books you never had a chance to read or maybe just clear your mind and stop worrying, there’s a pilot taking the wheel for you, the crew to assist you with whatever you need,  no cellphones or anything, just relax.