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Everyone loves to travel, I mean, who does not? Traveling is pure joy and brings new chapters in your life but how do we obtain such an easier, successful, and better adventure? Yup, you can call us arrogant or optimistic, call us whatever you like but here are some travel hacks to ensure you that you will never miss a flight just to find your own omnipresent guide and to make sure you will get a little VIP treatment from just purchasing a flight ticket to returning home from a great adventure. Yes, it’s in here, here are some travel hacks/guides that travelers should know.

Cheaper Flights

Yes, you read it right, for cheaper flights, just simply switch your browser to “private browsing” or open an airline and travel site using the “Incognito tab” why? It is all because those websites can record your visits by installing cookies on your browser and if they have known that you’ve been searching for those flights before, they will raise the prices that’s been shown just to trick you to buy the flight sooner, pressuring you to buy it as soon as possible. So, if you are planning to go on an adventure soon, this is a simple trick you can do for cheaper flights.

Always Bring Empty Bottles

It’s getting strict in the airport through restrictions, airports worldwide only allow you to carry containers with only 100 ml or 3.4 oz of liquid. So here is the trick, instead of bringing a full bottle of water that surpasses the limit, just bring empty bottles, and fill them after you’ve passed the security. This also saves you some money as you can also refill it inside the airplane by asking the staff for water and it’s all free. It’s convenient, preventing you from security and all the hassle you can cause by only bringing a full water bottle.

Accommodation and Clothes Packing

Of course, even in traveling to other countries, basic needs like shelter and clothes to wear should be considered for a better adventure. Instead of having a reservation at hotels, look for some home you can rent if you travel with your family or a single room if you are alone. There are some websites you can search for you to find some houses or rooms to rent, for example, Airbnb. Usually, they provide and offer better accommodation than the hotels in the area. And as for the clothes, you should also consider packing them so you can save some space in your suitcase. And yes, instead of folding it, then rolling whatever it is, you can do it to any kind of clothes even to socks or underwear.

Scan and Call

Scan and Call, what does it mean? It is one of the most important things to do before you even go for departure, it just means that before you leave, make sure you scan the documents you have for the travel such as passports, identification cards, and itinerary so you can email them to yourself. Why do you need to do it? Because it serves as your copy in case of an emergency that it was lost or stolen. And “Call” means before you leave, you should call your credit or debit card company to make sure that it was authorized for the foreign destination. Always remember to do it because it is important as this also prevents the company from suspecting you of some suspicious activity.

Fanny Packs

Yes, I know that fanny packs can be embarrassing and out of style, but this is one of the things that can provide you some hassle-free for getting such small things you need while taking the flight like your EarPods, passports, or even your phone than to unpack that huge baggage just to get them. It also ensures that your valuables are safe. Also always bring a pen so you can complete custom forms because flight attendants sometimes or rarely have them.

Use ATM                                      

Instead of using money converters in the airport, use an ATM machine to cash out, why? Because usually, those converters come with their own fees and the exchange rate might be a little bit higher. Trust only ATM as it is always dispensed in local currency.

Also after when you arrive and cash out some money, go shop for groceries, I don’t say that you have to buy for a feast, just get only the basic needs like snacks or water in local stores because it will save you a lot than to buy them at the hotel if you choose it and if you are getting in the home or room, it will save you as you can just relax immediately.

Don’t take out everything

When you arrive at the hotel or in your room, do not take everything out and remove only the necessities from your luggage because it will save you a lot by you will repack them. It will be so much hassle and it will increase the chance that you might forget something.

Be Local

Whatever country or place you are in, try to study or learn their local language and use it as much as possible because it will reflect not only on you but also on your nationality in general. They will appreciate it as you show that you’re willing to make the effort and might work in your favor sometimes. You can also try their local foods/cuisines as it is cheaper, and you can save some money than eating in McDonalds’ or any fast-food chain. It will also help you to explore new flavors that will make you remember the place as you taste it.

Have a souvenir and respect their culture.

You can prepare a souvenir list and stick to it but yes, don’t come home without even having a single souvenir. This will serve as a remembrance.

Respect their culture as well and get out of your comfort zone, if the country or the place advises you to wear modest dresses or be grateful before eating something, then do it. It will serve as proof that you really appreciate their culture. It is also to ensure your safety as a foreigner and for them to respect you as you respect them.



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