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Independence Day (July 4th)

Celebrating Independence Day: Reflecting on the Fourth of July

The 4th of July is a special day for Americans. Every year on July 4, we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and reflect on our freedoms declared more than two centuries ago. While the holiday has become a time for parties, fireworks, and barbecues, it is important to remember why this day is so significant in America’s history and how we can honor it in our own way.

We all know the basics of what happened on that fateful summer day: The Continental Congress declared independence from Great Britain after several years of political unrest and conflict. The formation of a new nation was an ambitious undertaking with many unknowns—it was uncharted territory, quite literally! Nevertheless, our forefathers had faith in their cause and ultimately succeeded in making one of history’s biggest changes.

Today, that spirit lives on and is remembered annually across the United States as citizens come together to celebrate Independence Day. One way to pay tribute to this important day is by attending local celebrations or parades. Cities throughout the country host these events each year full of music, dancing, food, and other festivities—all centered around honoring that original act of declaring independence. Many communities also offer special activities such as fireworks displays or interactive military experiences at museums or parks to further celebrate America’s heritage with friends and family.

In addition to attending public events or gatherings, you can participate in patriotic activities right at home as well: display your flags proudly; have a barbecue; get creative with red, white & blue-themed decorations; listen to classic American songs or read up on the founding fathers’ stories; give back by volunteering at a local charity or bringing awareness to current issues facing our nation today. All these activities are simple ways to commemorate 14 July while also learning more about your national identity and being mindful of being an active citizen within your community.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Independence Day 2020, take some moments this week (and throughout the rest of the year) to recognize patriotism, remember those who have sacrificed for freedom, and express gratitude for living in a country where independence is prized above all else.

Holiday Date Day
Independence Day 2024 July 4 2024 Thursday
Independence Day 2025 July 4 2025 Friday
Independence Day 2026 July 4 2026 Saturday
Independence Day 2027 July 4 2027 Sunday
Independence Day 2028 July 4 2028 Tuesday
Independence Day 2029 July 4 2029 Wednesday
Independence Day 2030 July 4 2030 Thursday
Independence Day 2031 July 4 2031 Friday
Independence Day 2032 July 4 2032 Sunday
Independence Day 2033 July 4 2033 Monday


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