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Memorial Day (last Monday in May)

Honoring Those Who Have Served: Reflecting on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an important day for Americans as it is dedicated to commemorating those who have given their lives in service to the nation. Every year, on the last Monday in May, we pause to recognize and remember those individuals’ brave actions and the ultimate sacrifice they made while defending our freedoms. While this holiday often coincides with barbecues or trips to the beach, it is essential to take a moment between all the fun activities and reflect on why we celebrate Memorial Day.

The holiday began shortly after the Civil War when communities in both the North and South gathered together to honor fallen soldiers. Over time, this practice expanded as many other conflicts spanning from World War I to the present day were fought and citizens wanted to commemorate all those who died in service of their country. Today, people not only commemorate soldiers but also pay respects to veterans—those who have served honorably but come home safe—and any other public figures that have died either in combat or later due to medical issues related to their time served.

There are various ways people can show appreciation for these heroic individuals this Memorial Day—both big and small gestures make a difference! Attend your local ceremony if your community holds one; purchase a monument or flag and place it prominently around town; donate time or money to military organizations; write letters of gratitude or appreciation; fly flags at half-mast out of respect; or share stories online with friends and family about someone you know that has served.

In addition, consider engaging your local youth by hosting discussions surrounding this important day so they can understand its significance better too. It is such an honor when we thank these men and women for all they did (and still do) for our nation. Let us also recall that some gave all so that we may live freely today—so let us never forget them!


Holiday Date Day
Memorial Day 2024 May 27 2024 Monday
Memorial Day 2025 May 26 2025 Monday
Memorial Day 2026 May 25 2026 Monday
Memorial Day 2027 May 31 2027 Monday
Memorial Day 2028 May 29 2028 Monday
Memorial Day 2029 May 28 2029 Monday
Memorial Day 2030 May 27 2030 Monday
Memorial Day 2031 May 26 2031 Monday
Memorial Day 2032 May 31 2032 Monday
Memorial Day 2033 May 30 2033 Monday


May 29 2025


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