Easter Celebration Around the World

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On April 12, people around the world will celebrate Easter with different ways and traditions in every country, although we have difference for the celebration, the only reason why we do it is because of the belief that Christ resurrected from the dead. Unknown to many, not all Easter customs are Christian, such as the Easter bunny that are pagan in origin, but the question is how most countries celebrated it?

Because not everyone celebrated it the same way as the United States. For example in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, the day they do the Easter celebration is Monday instead of Sunday and it was called “Smigus-dyngus” where boys throw water over girls and spank them with pussy-willow and girls do the same to boys. Different isn’t it?

But not just that, in Spain and Philippines, they are celebrating it the whole week called “Semana Santa” or Holy week, where churches decided to present the story of the passion of Christ in a way that layperson could understand.

Those were just some examples of differences in the celebration of Easter, but many other countries also have their own, even with those various traditions to each other, for sure there’s a lot of changes and adjustment will happen amid to the pandemic Corona virus outbreak.

For example approximately 35,000 churches are shutting down on the Easter celebration day to protect Christians, but the good news is that Pope Francis will still be leading an Easter mass through the use of media for us to celebrate the resurrection of Christ without the worry of danger because of the virus. With those changes and adjustments, Rev. Trevor Maylon, a pastor, said “Yes, it is very different. You’re not having a face to face [interaction] with people and not looking out of parishioners or greeting them at the door” he said.

“But we are just taking the safety precautions, we visit by phone, look at social media and that’s how we stay connected to each other. So, I think as a church we are coping very well with things.” And as a part of celebration, 66% of church-going Americans said they are planning to donate for religious organizations and churches. A new survey by Wallethub shows that 68% of people’s Easter holiday will be impacted by the virus. There is a silver lining though, people are reporting feeling more thankful than ever before. In fact, 40% say they’re a lot more grateful for their families than they were before the Corona Virus outbreak.

Also, almost 30% of people are more aware how blessed they feel to be in good health.
To put it simply, celebrating Easter this year gives a lot of hope and blessings as humankind will overcome the virus and wishing it to stop as soon as possible like a miracle of Christ rising up from the dead.


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